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Ammonia dewatering and drying equipment

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  The products are applied to scientific research units, industrial and mining enterprises, military and other departments, especially in aviation, spaceflight nitrogen or carbon nitrogen co-seepage heat treatment technology furnace. The product has long-term reliability and stability, low cost, energy-saving and environmental protection, and can be used in ammonia decomposition process ammonia purification.

  【Process and principle】

  FAG series separation and adsorption ammonia dehumidification drying device & mdash; & ndash; The purity of the product can be achieved through separation and adsorption technology to completely remove water and oil from ammonia-42— -60℃.

  In order to remove the water from ammonia gas, obtain the drying ammonia gas, should divide & ldquo; A hydrated ammonia (NH3 & middot; H2O) & throughout; The combination of water. To this end, under certain temperature and pressure, and under the function of dual function separation and adsorption, the & ldquo; A hydrated ammonia (NH3 & middot; H2O) & throughout; Water is separated from the water. The separated water is absorbed by the adsorbent, and the ammonia gas is completely removed after separation and adsorbent bed layer. Water & throughout; Dry ammonia gas.

  The separation of the system and the adsorption tower are set as A and B towers. The two towers for alternate switch work: a tower in separation, water absorption, dry ammonia output, B tower is in the midst of the parsing process, drainage in the adsorption of water, a cycle to ensure long-term stability dry ammonia output.

  In the process of bottling compression, ammonia gas will inevitably have the lubricating oil of the compressor to infiltrate the ammonia. The separation and adsorbents in the adsorption tower are dehydrated in depth while also removing small amounts of oil.

  Both environmental protection and energy conservation have taken the necessary measures. A, B adsorption tower in rotation, the system sets A set of non-ammonia air purge system, as far as possible avoid the removal of ammonia gas. And the use of exhaust gas to heat up, effectively reduced the power consumption, achieved the purpose of energy conservation.

  After such purification, the moisture content in ammonia gas can be as low as 0.008 g/M3; Dew point: 60 ℃; 10.7 PPM. The oil content is not greater than 1 PPm. It can satisfy the requirements of air heat treatment - nitrification or carbonitriding.

  The system can also be decomposed in the gas after ammonia decomposition.


  【Dew point:】≤ -42℃

  【Ammonia moisture content 】≤ 100PPM

  【Outlet pressure:】≤0.5Mpa

  【Operating pressure:】 ≥ 0.15MPa

  【Cooling water inlet temperature:】At room temperature

  Index parameter table: