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PSA variable pressure adsorption nitride machine

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  Special machine for the industry】Applicable to fine chemical, new material, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, coal chemical, salt and yan chemical products such as natural gas chemical industry, processing industry, is mainly used for covering, purging with nitrogen gas, replacement, cleaning, pressurization, agitation of chemical reaction, chemical fiber production, nitrogen protection and other fields.

  【Special nitride machine for oil and gas industry】It is suitable for nitrogen protection, conveying, covering, replacement, rescue, repair and injection of nitrogen in oil and natural gas exploitation, coastal and deep-sea oil and natural gas exploitation. It has high safety, high adaptability and continuous production.

  Special nitride machine for metallurgical industry】Suitable for heat treatment, bright annealing, protective heating, powder metallurgy, copper aluminum processing, magnetic material sintering, precious metal processing, bearing production and other fields. With high purity, continuous production and partial process, nitrogen contains a certain amount of hydrogen to increase brightness and so on

  Special nitrogen making machine in coal mine industry】Applicable to coal mining in areas such as fire, gas and gas dilution, is fixed on the ground, the ground mobile, downhole movable three kinds of specifications, fully meet the demand of nitrogen under different working conditions. 

  Rubber tire industry special nitrogen - making machine】Suitable for nitrogen protection and forming in rubber and tire production. Especially in the production of all steel radial tire, the new process of nitrogen sulfurization has gradually replaced the steam vulcanization process. It is characterized by high nitrogen purity, continuous production and high nitrogen pressure. 

  Special nitrogen machine for food industry】It is applicable to grain green storage, food filling nitrogen packaging, vegetable preservation, wine seal (can), etc. 

  Explosion-proof type nitride machine】It is suitable for chemical, petroleum and natural gas, etc. 

  Special nitrogen making machine for pharmaceutical industry】Mainly used for pharmaceutical production, storage, packaging and packaging. 

  Special nitrogen machine for electronic industry】It is suitable for semiconductor production packaging, electronic components manufacturing (SMT), LED, LCD LCD, lithium battery production and other fields. The nitrogen system has the characteristics of high purity, small volume, low noise and low energy consumption.

  Principle of variable pressure adsorption:】

  The principle of pressure adsorption adsorption:】

  ①、The change pressure adsorption belongs to the physical adsorption

  ②、Variable pressure adsorption: adsorption and decompression during compression

  ③、The core material of variable pressure adsorption is carbon molecular sieve

  The principle of adsorption separation:】

  Under the action of compressed air,】

  ①、Hybrid gas (usually referred to as atmosphere), due to the gravitational difference between the solid surface and the different gas molecules. The gas phase & throughout; The difference between the gas phase and the adsorption phase is the basis for the separation of gas adsorption.

  ②、The diffusion of oxygen molecules (O2) in air due to aerodynamic effects. Rate & throughout; Fast and first carbon molecular sieve adsorption, the first entry carbon molecular sieve granules, and occupy the micropores in the granules.

  And molecular nitrogen (N2) belongs to the inert gas, relatively rate slower, so it can only stay in the gap between molecular sieve particles and particle accumulation, thus the nitrogen molecules were collected in the nitrogen storage tank.

  Adsorption regeneration:】

  Adsorbent remove the adsorption of oxygen and other impurities to achieve regeneration.

  Adsorbent need regeneration, the adsorption is intermittent, so industry USES two adsorption tower, the adsorption column adsorption and regeneration of alternately, a tower adsorption nitrogen production, another stripping tower regeneration, controlled by PLC program controller of pneumatic valve opening and closing, cycles, and in turn keep the continuous adsorption process.

  ●  The whole machine covers an area, the same kind of product is the smallest. Big, small whole machine without basic chassis, install freely.

  ●  The valve adopts the German Burkert original imported brand, the average number of trouble-free movements is 3 million times (about 3 years).

  ●  Because the structure of the tower and the molecular sieve pressure device are unique, no molecular sieve is required.

  ●  Start the device within 30 minutes. Host dual tower adsorption, 24 hours continuous work, valve action automatic switch.

  ●  The control system adopts programmable control (PLC) intelligent control.

  ●  The rated flow, the product gas purity automatic adjustment.

  ●  Nitrogen purity, on-line detection analysis of flow, unqualified sound and light alarm.

  ●  The air purifying system automatically polluses.

  ●  Pneumatic valve switching time display, transposition display.

  ●  Safe operation, unattended, wired remote control.

  Product gas technology index:】

  Nitrogen gas flow:】5-3000nm3 / h (normal temperature, 101.325 kPa)

  Nitrogen gas purity:】≥97%~99.5% 

  Nitrogen gas dew point:】-38℃

  The nitrogen gas outlet pressure:】 0.2~0.6Mpa(adjustable)

  The tri-yang series PSA system is divided into nitrogen:97% 、98%、99%、99.5%、99.9%、99.95%、99.99%、99.99%、99.995% ,You can choose。】


  The main components of the nitrogen equipment:】Air post-treatment purification system, air cushion tank, variable pressure adsorption host system and nitrogen buffer tank and control system.

  There are two basic conditions for nitrogen production:】1、The compressed air           2、The power supply

  Air post-treatment purification system:】It is composed of freeze-drying machine, except water, oil removal, dust removal and fine filter, automatic drainer。

  Freeze drying machine action:】Freeze drying used to except the water cooling air, the purification of the compressed air pressure dew point 2-10 ℃, oil removal rate was 99.999%, and the dust particles & le; 0.01 u, make sure the absorbent work is not contaminated. Provide adequate protection for carbon molecular sieve to ensure the life of carbon molecular sieve.

  Air cushion action:】Improve the continuity of the output flow and the stability of the pressure.

  The adsorption and adsorption system of nitrogen was adsorbed:】It consists of A, B adsorption tower, pneumatic valve, unqualified emptying and instrument control system.

  The two adsorption towers are alternately adsorbed and regenerated to complete nitrogen and oxygen separation, and output nitrogen continuously.

  Automatic control system:】The main is programmable PLC controller, indicating instrument, purity analysis online display, unqualified alarm.

  Nitrogen buffer tank:】Composed of nitrogen buffer tank and output regulating valve. Function: nitrogen injection into nitrogen buffer can be supplied by the system output by the host system to ensure the continuous supply of nitrogen and the output of the regulating valve. The pressure size can be adjusted by the pressure reducing valve.