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The prevention and explosion of the liquid...

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  1. Before the liquid oxygen pump starts to cool, the blow valve should be open. 20 minutes, on the one hand, the oxygen drive to leave, and the seal, return to the normal temperature gap;

  After 2. Turn, determine the trouble-free, start the pump, pay attention to the pump inlet pressure stability, such as pressure fluctuations or outlet pressure does not rise, may produce cavitation phenomenon, must open the exhaust valve on the pump, to continue cooling liquid oxygen pump, pressure stability, to control the pressure of the seal gas described 01005 than seal? The pressure of 0101 mepa was higher;

  3. The seal gas pipeline, first adjust the nitrogen making machine to the appropriate pressure, and then open the inlet and outlet valve of the pump, the liquid oxygen cooling to the pump, seal gas pressure must be higher than the inlet pressure is higher 0105000000 mpa.

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