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The role of nitrogen making machine in...

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  Lead is a toxic heavy metal. Excessive amounts of lead can lead to poisoning, and low levels of lead may affect human intelligence, nervous system and reproductive system. Universal electronic assemblies industry Zhuo funeral about 60000 tons a year of solder, and also in increased year by year, the resulting lead salt industry dross serious pollution situation, thus eliminating the use of lead has become under the core as soon as possible throughout the day.

  Utilizing of reflow soldering, etc set equipment deployment put forward many new requirements, important everything: higher heating power, no-load and load conditions of high temperature thermal stability, good things of the material, the excellent thermal insulation, excellent are warm, nitrogen gas leakage proof ability, temperature curve flexibility and stronger cooling ability, etc. In the process of process, the nitrogen atmosphere can be used to satisfy these requirements, stop and eliminate the defects of the product during the welding process.

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