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Nitrogen making machine series

Application scope: it is applicable to the atmosphere protection and transportation in food, heat treatment, small chemical, metal welding, electronics, medicine, preservation and other fields. Nitrogen principle: the adsorption properties of...

Nitrogen gasification equipment series

Carbon deoxygenation process:
Oxygen removal principle: C + O2 - CO2 In the action of carbon - borne catalyst, the carbon in the inert gas and the catalyst itself is heated by...

Ammonia dewatering and drying equipment series

FAG series separation adsorption ammonia drying device, can the ordinary industrial liquid ammonia under certain pressure, through the separation, adsorption technology of ammonia water, oil removal completely and produce high purity ammonia, product purity can reach - 42 - - 60 ℃. The products are...

200-2000 nm3 / h nitrogen making machine

The adsorption properties of molecular sieve, pressure adsorption and atmospheric pressure analysis were applied to obtain the nitrogen. In the work, compressed air under certain pressure, through air purification treatment, into the adsorption tower A, B alternate adsorption analysis, to nitrogen, oxygen ...

  Jiangyin sanyang nitrogen machinery equipment co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of nitrogen equipment, nitrogen purifying equipment and industrial gas equipment. The company actively advocating advanced technology combined with the basic national conditions, challenges the traditional, continuous exploration, thus created the "integrated high efficiency", the simple "process" and "gas consumption than small", etc, we developed t…【VIEW 】