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  Integrated and efficient

  The air pressure adsorption drying and the change pressure adsorption nitrogen are all in the same tower body, in the same working time completed, the process simple combination.

  Process the minimalist

  In the pipeline process, the import valve can be controlled only by 8. If the control of the control valve is only 2, it can be used to complete the process of variable pressure adsorption.

  Gas consumption than small

  The extraction rate of nitrogen in the air is 42% (nitrogen concentration is 99%).

  Gaseous smooth

  The gas flow in the work adsorption tower is stable and evenly distributed, and the carbon molecular sieve is highly utilized.

  Fully automated

  When making nitrogen, it can be controlled by Siemens programmable controller, which can be equipped with remote online networking control, and improve security and reliability.

  The molecular sieve layer is stable

  Using the principle of force balance, the working bed of the fixed molecular sieve is used to slow down the work wear of the molecular sieve, and prolong the working life of the molecular sieve. No need to add in three years, and reduce the cost of nitrogen production.

  With the way

  Petroleum and chemical industry: the raw materials for synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, the atmosphere in the process of oil and chemical production, the agitation of chemical reaction and the production of nitrogen injection

  Chemical fiber and plastic industry: atmosphere protection and transport in the process of production.

  Metallurgy, mechanical industry: the atmosphere protection of metal heat treatment and the sintering of magnetic materials.

  Medicine, food industry: food, fruits, vegetables, medicine storage, beer irrigation, storage, food preservation.

  Electronics, cable industry: the atmosphere protection of electronic components and crosslinked cables.

  Coal, glass industry: coal explosion-proof, coal fire prevention and float glass atmosphere protection.

  Other industries: oil tanker, offshore platform fire protection and space industry atmosphere protection, aircraft, car tire inflatable, small food machine matching, etc.